Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ear Candy

I've spent the summer doing a lot of detective work on myspace. Previously all of my musical tastes were decided for me by very passionate friends who generously gave or made me Cd's of all kinds. This summer I got to be the one doing the sending and suggesting.

So here's my list after searching. My tastes would fall under a large and broad title of indie/acoustic/rock/pop/christian/folk/and jazz. Please enjoy the treats.

Colin Bates -
Friend and talented songwriter. His lyrics blow me away.

Ben Cooper -
So far I love everything they've posted. Doesn't hurt that the drummer is a friend.

Patty Griffin -
She's the closest I come to country. She was just on a Prairie Home Companion tonight.

The Gabe Dixon Band -
I think I played "All Will Be Well" 100 times the first time I found their page.

He wrote all of these songs for his new son and they are wonderful. (He also happens to lead worship for our children's services.)

The Ditty Bops -
I don't even know how to describe their music, but it makes me very happy.

I think all of my other favorites this summer have gotten radio play and lots of attention...but I will go ahead and throw out Jon McLaughlin, Brandi Carlile, Joshua Radin, The Weepies, and Jackson Waters just in case you missed the boat on any of them.

Hope you enjoy, and if you come across anything spectacular on your own musical explorations be sure to share the wealth.

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