Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dear Diary

A journal entry from when I was 13.

Let me introduce the names and stuff of the characters in this journal.

Steve: (whose age I don't think I should tell) Loves to play the piano and to get away from all of us he leaves for work before we wake up and doesn't get home till bout 6:00 pm or so.
Kerry: (whose age I also don't think I should say) Does lots of stuff around the house during the day. Or so she says. Picture this: A man in a dark room. He leans over to her and says "Bonjour Fantine. As a French spy what have you found out today?"
But I don't think so.
Ginger: (16) Is the oldest daughter. She's my sister, obviously. She drives, and has two cars. When I drive, I'll get the ugliest one. She has the superior upstairs room, which I will get when she goes off to college.
Valerie: (13) That's me. Middle child. The ham in the sandwhich. I'm me.
Clay: (10) Can be bratty but sometimes I play with him and his friends.
That's us.
One of these next few days I am going to go craaazee! On one hand I can't wait for school which starts next MONDAY. On the other hand I am sort of dreading it. I mean, school is school, you know?

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Ginger said...

LOL. Cars...rooms..."It's a hard knock life for Clay..."