Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Conversation.

Me: Last night I was IN BED and UNDER THE COVERS before 10:30! I was so excited!

Mom: Yeah, wow, that does sound… exciting.

Me: Well… I was proud of myself. And maybe I can do it again tonight except CRAP! I probably need to blog tonight…. That ALWAYS takes longer than I think it will!

Mom: I’ll bet it does. That’s why I don’t have a blog!

Me: Really? That’s why you don’t have a blog?

Mom: No, really I guess it would be the stress. Especially the fact that you SHARE a blog! I would get stressed out knowing the other person is waiting on me!

Me: That does come into play….

Mom: Yeah, I can’t imagine.

Me: Well what am I going to blog about?

Mom: Umm… I guess you could talk about your favorite teachers? Or maybe your least favorite teachers? How about the stoplight in the cafeteria?

Me: I think Ginger’s covered that….

Mom: Can you talk about a time you got in trouble?

Me: Haha… what time were you thinking about? Can you think of a time??

Mom: No, I can’t! What times were there?

Me: Well, I know in 7th grade I got a discipline slip…

Mom: You did??

Me: Yeah, remember? The whole class was talking and Mrs. Geyser got fed up so she wrote each of us a discipline slip!

Mom: Oh yeah… How terrible. Well is that the only time?

Me: I remember getting in trouble in kindergarten! Mrs. McQuillin had to come out to the van to talk to you after class because Meredith and I were being rowdy and we pulled our arms inside our sweatshirts and were flapping them around when we were supposed to be quiet.

Mom: Yes, you were a real wild child!

Me: Haha! Well, that’s all I can think of! Unless you count that time we had to meet with my fifth grade teacher before school! But I think that’s because my grades were slipping….

Mom: Yeah, they must have gotten all the way down to a 90 or something.

Me: Probably something like that… I guess I could write about how I get to bowling for work tomorrow! OH! Must not forget to bring socks!

Mom: That would be gross. Don’t forget to take your socks.

Me: I could write about… going to dinner at Grandma’s tonight! How she made me vegetable soup, and then we watched American Idol?

Mom: And then you could talk about that guy you hate!

Me: Uggh! Adam Lambert! I can’t stand him! And he was on the cover of my Entertainment Weekly this week! What’s THAT about??

Mom: See? There you go.

Me: This is good. Great starting off point. Hey, do you mind if I use part of our conversation in my blog?


Katie said...

Oh, I miss you, Val.

dc said...

I finally caught up to AI from last week and cried when Allison got voted off. I mean really cried. I know. Don't say anything.

Also, can I note that you sent me TWO PAGES of awesome writing prompts and you're at a creative loss? I think you should write about your David storybook that you made for Media and Religion... remember the one that Doc insisted you publish and you gave him the "are you serious" face?

Or hanging the tire swing in front of House 9.

Or baking cookies for your besties because you love them. (I hear you can mail those things, too...)

Or why "I... love... motocross..." will ALWAYS be funny.

Or about how mush you miss the ocean and your California roommate and how you're now accepting donations so you can visit. STAT.