Friday, May 22, 2009

Does this count... my weekend if I work both Saturday and Sunday?

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and once again I've managed to not have to attend any graduations.  I love being supportive, I would just rather be able to sit next to the person and not have air horns blaring all around.  And once again I am also not in Galveston with the entire extended family.

So, what am I doing?  So kind of you to ask.

1.  Watching the season premiere of Glee on Hulu.  I've started it and am already deliriously addicted to this little show.  Can't wait for the full season in the fall.
2.  Borrowed a computer monitor to finally pull all of the documents off of my CPU from college.  Who knows what choice delights await my searching?  I have a feeling it could be a gold mine of sorts.  The original monitor died in 2005 and I haven't had the time or energy to remedy the situation.
3.  Running OUTSIDE this evening.  Why would this possibly make my list?  Monday the high was 107 degrees.  There had been already 6 consecutive days in the 100's.  Today is cloudy with a high of 75.  Glorious.
4.  Working, but I love what I do AND there will be over 200 helium balloons in my room this weekend.  The temptation to teach with a helium voice may prove to be too strong even for my best intentions.  Apologies now for any voicemails left in a slightly higher register.
5.  Meeting a Texan from the blogosphere!  Talk about 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Val sent me to Annie's blog years ago, Annie mentioned Andy, and Jordan commented on Andy's blog.  As soon as I discovered this transplanted Aggie I started following her on google reader.  Long story short - we are meeting up on Memorial Day.  I think our moms had been suggesting this for a while.  They should both be so pleased with us.
6.  And finally for my next trick... I'm off on Tuesday.  Monday is my usual weekend, so the holiday pushes my weekend to Tuesday.  What to do?  (Deep breath.)  I know exactly what to do.  Somehow I called a local theatre and am auditioning for their 2009-2010 season.  This is another one of those get out of the car moments.

Happy Weekending!


Julia said...

Ginger......It's Jordan's mama. Thank you for meeting with her on Memorial Day. It makes me happy. I love your blog....she sent me here. You are soooo funny. I love the way you think.

Julia (aka Mama)

Anonymous said...

And your own mother is proud of the 2 of you as well! Enjoy your day! love, -m.