Monday, May 18, 2009

The Weekenders*

Friday I stayed at work later than usual. Because I was working on work things. Big, important work things that required plenty of writing, editing, formatting, importing, highlighting, stapling, and sighing. Today I am realizing that I didn’t BOLD enough or make clear enough because I had forgotten that not everyone interprets information the same way (ie the right way). Today I am replying with plenty of “Actually...” emails. “Just to be clear...” emails. “You’re still not understanding me...” emails. And still I am sighing.

But on Friday I left work feeling accomplished and satisfied and ready-for-the-weekend-y! Our usual “Friday Night Fun” group met up for pizza and MarioKart and backyard adventuring. Because everything is an adventure when little ones are involved. Nearly two-year-old Jack was delighted and astounded (rightfully so) by my ability to throw a ball into the tree branches and catch it again. Truly a feat of magical genius; Harry Potter would be proud.

Friday night ended with what I thought would be a SHORT Skype conversation with G. At the point when she exclaimed “I’m going to interview you for the blog!” I knew all hope of making it to bed before 12:30 was lost. AND may I state for the record that I was playing the Annie soundtrack at the time because GINGER had been singing “Maybe!” She just likes to leave out important details sometimes....

Saturday: woke up at 9am. Thought “Forget that!” and turned Gilmore Girls on to lull me back to sleep. Woke again at 12pm. Sleep WIN! Later on I met Stacy and Tamara at the movie theater to see “Wolverine,” as I’d already seen “Star Trek.” Geek cred WIN!

After church yesterday I went shopping and ended up coming home with new tennis shoes and fun squishy comfy flip flops (thank you Buy One Get One ½ Price sale!). Are you seeing the cushioning on these things? My feet are in love with me today.

I couldn’t continue to ignore the gorgeous sunny weather we were blessed with, so I hit the pool for a while once I got back to my apartment. I love summer!

Later in the afternoon I came up to the office armed with pink balloons, a princess crown, and a High School Musical 3 birthday banner to help Tamara decorate Stacy’s office. I mean, if Troy and Gabriella’s giant faces aren’t going to make your birthday happy, I honestly don’t know what will. Tamara and I had fun with streamers and ladders and ribbon, and it all ended up looking quite festive, if I do say so myself!

I spent the evening cleaning my kitchen and creating Oreo Truffles for the birthday celebrations today, which always takes longer than I plan for it to. But it’s always very much wonderfully worth it, because that is one of my very favoritest desserts! Brainwave this time around: used my Magic Bullet to crush the Oreos! It truly was magic. Harry Potter would be proud.

Today: Happy Birthday, Stacy! Our whole department (all four of us) went out to lunch at Rudy’s for some tasty Texas barbecue. And don’t try to tell me you’re not jealous, because I can hear your stomach growling from here! A little while after we got back it was time for the office to sing Happy Birthday- which undoubetly results in a roomful of people mentally thinking “Hope it’s chocolate for me” (it is, actually—chocolate AND Oreo, to be exact).

Tonight: Cleaning the apartment. Because tomorrow? Is High School Musical 3 movie night at my apartment! Oh, don’t worry, readers. I can feel your jealousy emanating through the computer screen. But you will be there in spirit. And in song. ‘Cause you are the music in me.

*Man, I love that show. So clever. So hilarious. I have been anxiously anticipating it's release on DVD for years. Any day now...right? Oh well. Later days!

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Tamara said...

My name is in this blog. Three times. My name's never been in a blog before. I feel... almost famous.