Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I write a journal entry every every night before bed. Decided to share a few random entries portions with you. Enjoy!

6/26/06 12:12 AM
Okay, so my fear of roaches has reached an all new level. Just a few minutes ago I was in Grandma’s front bedroom when I saw one on the wall. I flipped out and leaped into the fetal position in the blue chair, seriously considering waking someone up and trying to get them to kill it. BUT I decided to be a big girl and do it myself. By now it had crawled over my bed and I didn’t want it to fall into my sheets so I was gonna use my shoe to get it crawling the other way, but instead it flew off the wall STRAIGHT AT ME! I completely freaked out and did a backwards somersault off the bed and landed half on the floor and half on the wooden rocker, but I didn’t care. I began scooting close to the wall and squealing, completely panicked. “Forget this,” I thought. I grabbed my pillow, Teddy, my phone, pajamas, and this journal and bolted. No way am I sleeping in there tonight! I’m in the middle bedroom but still shaky and FREAKED out. It will take me a while to calm down. Hmm… is there a name for this? All I can say is there better not by any freakin roaches in here or I’m sleeping in my car!

9/28/06 10:55 PM
Today after work Ginger and I ate at Chick-fil-A and then watched the Office. Hilarious!
Oh! Haha- when we were at Chick-fil-A Ginger said something and I go “Word.” And then I paused and gave her a weird look like, “Why did I just say word?” and Ginger spewed Diet Coke EVERYWHERE and we just laughed and laughed for about 5 minutes. It was so funny.

12/28/06 11:23 PM
I cut my finger. Off. I cut the tip of my finger off. With my razor. It bled. A lot. It hurt. A lot. Blood. Pain. Bye.
TGIF tomorrow!
Oh- before the incident, Carter and Dawson and I watched The Office, some of the best of Jimmy Fallon, and the end of the Chipmunks movie. Very diverse. And we had malts. Mmm… I tell you what, I could use a malt right now, me and my finger. Or what’s left of it anyway….


I hate our ABC station. There was “bad weather” so they cut in on LOST! Grrr… I’m going to stab someone in the eye!! Holy cow.

5/9/07 10:41 PM
Oh my gosh! Lost is SO creepy and scary! I thought I was watching a horror movie or something! I mean, what’s with the terrifying Jacob’s shack? Is this The Blair Island Project?! Holy Jeez. And is Locke really DEAD?! WHAT THE HECK!!

6/16/07 12:22 AM
I’m tired. Wow.
Man, I really love Gilmore Girls. I know I’ve said this before, but yeah.
Watched half of Pearl Harbor this evening.
Tired. Looking forward to sleeping in!
I have three round little bumps that form a triangle on the palm of my left hand. That’s weird, right? Especially since I don’t recall like… poking myself, or getting bitten or something. Maybe… I was abducted by aliens?

8/20/07 9:01 PM
I got an email from Jason Marsden today!! The Jason Marsden, of Step By Step, Boy Meets World, Full House, the Weekenders, and Goofy Movie!!! Can’t believe it! J That’s so cool!!

1/3/08 10:16 PM
I found my social security card today! Finally… I looked for a LONG time last night and a LONG time today before finding it—in my wallet. Yeah. Don’t say anything.


Ginger said...

WORD to your mother who would tell you to NEVER keep your SS card in your wallet. WORD.

dc said...

Your journal doesn't have enough boys or winky faces for my taste. But still entertaining. ;) BOYS!

Love you.

Valerie said...

Oh PLEASE believe me that my journals contain more than their fair share of boys and winky faces. But that's really not for public consumption, now is it?

However, Dani, you know just as much as my journals do about boys, maybe more. Definitley more than any other living person on this planet!

Feel better? ;)

~lady j said...

word! nothin wrong with a little throwback, yo. ;)
viva casa nueve!

Lara said...

Oh man, I remember you emailing me about James Marsden. Best day ever.