Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Cream Gravy of Reality

I was all set to write a normal, this is about something, grown-up-like blog. But my mind was not really cooperating.

Then I started talking to Joey. (We decided that we were going to buy a big hotel or some sort of building and we’re going to live there with all our friends and cool people.) And then I never stopped laughing and my mind REALLY turned off. It ended up being more like Joey doing stand-up and me being the laughing audience member and less of an actual conversation.

So forgive me, but I am now resorting to list format.

1. Saw “Despicable Me” over the weekend- loved it. My friends and I were the only ones laughing at the witty references to "Annie" and "The Godfather." Why is that?

2. Glee is in reruns right now. Man that show used to be SO good and funny and witty. What happened, Mr. Shue??

3. Community is in reruns right now. How did that show not get a SINGLE Emmy nomination? RUDE.

4. My cousins and I have been plotting our appearance on “Family Feud” for a while now. We’re talking about who in the family gets to play and who is out. Because let’s be honest: there’s only so many buzzers, people. We’re pretty cut-throat.

5. I’ve recently been DVR-ing “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and watching it while I get ready for work in the mornings. I had forgotten how HILARIOUS that show is. And you probably have too. It’s airs late on ABC Family, people. Look into it.

6. Joey just said that someone we know is “the cream gravy of reality.” Am I sure I know what that means? No. Did I laugh anyway? Yes.

7. I spent a good portion of this evening baking and preparing snacks for the media summer staff at work. Last time I told them there was unicorn eyelashes in their dessert, and this time it’s going to be fairy tears. Man, people will believe ANYTHING!

8. I hadn't been sleeping very well recently and I think I managed to trace it back to watching some pretty dark episodes of Veronica Mars as I was falling asleep. I’m back to Gilmore Girls now, though, and resting easy. Murder before bed? No thanks. A thousand yellow daisies? Yes please!

9. I’ve been going down to my pool nearly every day for the past few weeks. Okay maybe not THAT often, if you’re going to be all ACCURATE about it, but… a lot. And I love it. It’s what you have to do to survive the summers in Texas!

10.Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Wait… do you hear that? Is that… Why yes, I do believe it IS the hallelujah chorus.


Brent said...

Us readers like lists sometimes. Quick and easy for you, quick and easy for us. Lots of little chuckle bits.

ALSO, Betty White is joining the cast of Community. I haven't actually been able to watch any of that show, but after the buzz and now the Funny Grams addition, I NEED IT.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a thousand yellow daisies any day. And I love your wit, Val, in list form or otherwise.

Joey said...

I don't understand why Community didn't get any nods, either.

I'm sorry I ruined your mojo.

Lara said...

I've been re-watching Community and sleeping to Gilmore Girls, too. Why are we the same person?
They're cousins identical cousins.