Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Just Readin'

Matt Green decided to take a walk. He started in New York, and as of today he is in Montana, still heading for Oregon. He's "just walkin'"- he's not raising awareness for a cause or trying to set a record or anything like that. He's just in it for the experience. And reading his blog really makes a person wish sometimes that they could do the same thing. Ha! Okay, maybe not, because that is A LOT of walking. Like, thousands of miles walking. Which is why I’m so glad he also posts pictures of his adventures and I can walk vicariously through him!

Matt posts pictures of the beautiful views, the odd/quirky things he comes across, and the kind people who offer him a home-cooked meal or a place to stay. This guy is always going to have some incredible stories to share!

Montana mountains:
"We're Doing Things!"

The Lincoln, Montana welcoming committee!

Visit to check out Matt's progress and some of his fun pictures.

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Adam said...

I'm totally reading too! It's great stuff!