Sunday, July 25, 2010

The One Who is Going to Break the Spell

I am a big fan of bloopers. I am also a big fan of my sister Ginger. Put those two things together and I'm ready to never stop laughing. Have you seen this yet? If not... get ready to be entertained.

(I so wish I could watch you watch it.)

PS: My favorite moment (besides all of it) comes at 1:12. And then another at 1:55. Okay I'll stop now.


Lara said...

Was that a Beauty and the Beast blooper?

hootenannie said...

This was the video that made me fall in love with Ginger. I mean, I had my suspicions before... but this sealed the deal. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss that laugh!

Valerie said...

@Lara: Yes, that is absolutely from Beauty and the Beast! You know your random movie trivia... Unfortunately the video had nothing to do with B&tB, and she cracked herself up just thinking about it.