Monday, July 26, 2010

Thanks For Breaking My Cow Lamp

This evening I:

Described and sang exerpts from not one, not two, but THREE Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen songs from their critically acclaimed* “Our First Video.”

Had to be reminded that “we’re in public!” when I (plus two friends) started singing “Jolly Holiday” (apparently not so quietly) at Little Italy. WHAT? I am sure the rest of the restaurant patrons LOVED US.

Described, in detail, just how crazy Crazy Kasey from The Bachelorette actually is. This may have included a quick recap of his helicopter song, complete with the finishing line of "Yeah. It's pretty intense stuff."

Was awarded cool points for quoting this Homestarrunner short.

I clearly deserve MANY MORE cool points. Right?!?

*Not at all critically-acclaimed.


jordy liz said...

So I had all the videos and the soundtrack. "Brother For Sale" anyone? Only 50 cents...

Ginger said...

Brother for sale... it's not a big expense. :)

Anonymous said...

Homestarrunner always makes me think of Jess Man, and his Strong Bad voice.

You deserve LOTS of cool points, Val.