Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ice Cream Love

I ALMOST forgot that today? Is my blog day. Like, I had put the computer to sleep, Gilmore Girls was turned on, and I was about to get in bed. BUT! BLOG!

So at this point, I'm way to tired to be particularly verbose, or to elaborate on the awesomeness that was my trip to SXSW.

All I can tell you (for now) is that we went to this amazing ice cream place called Amy's, that HOW DID I NEVER KNOW THIS PLACE EXISTED?! The ice cream is delicious, but more importantly-- the guys? That scoop the ice cream? Are extraordinary. I was completely enraptured by their ability to toss, catch, and flip scoops of ice cream for each and every customer. At one point I was literally staring completely open-mouthed at the server who had just handed me my dish of Mexican vanilla ice cream after launching both it and the scooper into the air, catching the ice cream in the cup, and allowing the scooper to bounce back out on the counter. WHAT?!

I didn't take any pictures or video there, although not doing so ranks as one of the stupider things I've done in my life.

LUCKILY there's this site called YouTube. (Have you heard of it??? OMG.) Anyway, there are a couple videos there that demonstrate these insane ice cream skillz. Here's one.

LOVE it! Love it.

Love it.


Lauren said...

one time, as i was driving down 6th street, they tossed the ice cream over my car and it landed in the cup the customer was holding on the other side of the street! incredible.

Stevox said...

You're welcome.