Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Which I Officially Peace Out

Right now: packing packing packing.

Freaking early tomorrow: hitting the road to Austin.

Because: I get to go to SXSW Interactive! For work! I’m too excited.

I just realized: I forgot to print off my registration confirmation. Now I get to head to the office EVEN EARLIER. Way to go, Val! Ten points.

I’m not focusing very well here, if you couldn’t tell. But! Soon I will be attending crazily fascinating events that I am not nearly trendy enough to be attending, called things like “Negotiating the Parent/Teen Divide Over Social Networking,” “Mobile Content is Social,” and “Marketing Strategies for Social Wait Now I'm Lost.”

I’ll probably fit in really well at that last one.

It’s time: for me to go to bed.
See you on the flip side! ...You know. The one where I come back all nerdy and techy because SXSW Interactive is just so amazderfullyawestasticomgzqzxx.........

Brain fried.

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