Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've been told that I should wear a poncho at all times.

1. I pulled out my amazing hazelnut coffee creamer from the fridge yesterday and gave a vigorous shake. Apparently the lid was slightly ajar... because then my kitchen was slightly punched in the face with hazelnut creamer.

2. I had the perfect second cup of coffee ready to accompany me to work today. We were all set to go. I had even managed to get the creamer into the cup. I grabbed the mug, my bags and my keys and went out the door. I pulled out my phone to call Val on the way to work and five minutes into my drive I realized that the coffee would not be making the trip with me. I'm looking forward to getting home tonight and discovering at which point my coffee left me. Is it: on the ledge of my stairs OR did I take off with it on the roof of my car? Oh the mystery of it all.

3. I told both of these stories to co-workers today and then proceeded to dump diet coke down my face.

4. I then decided to water my plant. FAIL. The plant did not want the water and sent it right back at me off the leaves... and onto my desk of books and paper.

5. The question now remains: can I make it through 2 flights tomorrow without getting anything on me? I'd take that bet.

**(The Internet gremlins ate this post up the first time, for whatever reason, so we're reposting it again for your enjoyment! --V)**

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