Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo Play

This picture was taken for Empire Magazine's 20th Anniversary. It was part of a series of photos of actors returning to their most iconic roles. Here's Sean Bean and Viggo Mortenson, returning to "The Fellowship of the Ring."

This is part of a series that was done to promote "Coraline," one of my very favorite films of the year. They did a whole alphabet set, with different pictures for each letter.
Here, see? This is the whole thing. Gorgeous.

This guy has a whole series of seriously clever graphics. Check it out.

This set of old-fashioned travel posters were made in promotion of the DVD release of "Up." Is it any wonder that I love them?

This guy takes his inspiration from kids' pictures and paints them to look as realistic as possible. Isn't he amazing?

Hilarious. For more, visit

All for now. Have a happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see that guy take some of Clay's pictures and make them "real," wouldn't you? -m

Amanda said...

Could your love for the "UP" pics be because of a certain someone in South America ;) Ha! J/K

Great post! Love YOU!

Prosso said...

Those Empire mag photos were great. I think my favorites were Harry Potter and Christian Bale. They were all great, though.