Friday, March 26, 2010

Vegetable Poetry

I put two carrots on the counter
And watched them roll around
They seemed to find each other
Then dive right for the ground.
Surprised I was to find them there,
I nearly laughed aloud,
For my two carrots were getting hitched,
And broccoli stood there proud.
What makes my vegetables act this way
I’m sure I’ll never know,
But if they’ve felt alone some days,
They had to duck and roll.

Middle age is far away, but closer than I’d like.
I want someone to call my own,
To drive a two-seat bike.
And we could walk out on a beach,
Or jog upon the sand.
We could hike or pick a peach,
While strolling hand in hand.
I don’t mind and I don’t care
How you dress or comb your hair,
For all I want is someone there
To laugh along the way.

The End.

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