Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Questions

1) What is the most played song on your iTunes list? (Or equivalent thereof.) My iTunes has been a little janky quanky over the years so my play count isn’t QUITE accurate, but my number one song right now, Mona Lisa by Grant Lee Phillips, has been played twice as many times as the song in the number two slot (Married Life, from “Up”). It’s so interesting to go back and see what songs you mindlessly return to again and again!

2) I absolutely love certain movies like “Return of the King” and “Moulin Rouge.” But you just cannot watch movies like that all the time! It can just be too… much. If I had to pick movies I could watch just about every day, they’d be “Return to Me” and “A League of their Own.” So this is a different question than ‘What is your favorite movie?’ This question is: what movies can you watch every day?

3) A few weeks ago, my mom asked me what my favorite food in the world is. I had a really difficult time answering this question. I mentioned a few foods I really like, but never settled on any one thing. Lately though, I realized: I know. It’s the Saturday night meal my dad always makes on campouts, some combination of chicken, sausage, potatoes, bread, cobbler, etc. Eating outside, on a picnic table, in gorgeous weather, overlooking the lake, surrounded by some of my favorite people… it makes the food taste even more extraordinary than it already is. I can’t imagine enjoying any meal more than I enjoy those Saturday night meals at campouts. Thank the Good Lord on High we are going camping next month! My mouth is already watering. Question: what is your favorite food or food experience?


joanna said...

1)Most Listened to Songs: My iTunes has been reset so many times, but the current top two are: Love Story by Taylor Swift and Take it Like a Man from Legally Blonde. (Neither of which I have listened to for a long time, but I did listen to them a lot when I worked part time at PC, therefore everything is having a hard time catching up. :))

2)Movie: 13 Going on 30 and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

3)Food: Pot Roast with carrots, potatoes, green beans,and homemade bread.

Anonymous said...

that's was really nice of you...I appreciate that and look fwd to next month as well...hmmm, what should we cook this time?

dc said...

1) Back to the Life by Spoon
2) Runaway Bride or You've Got Mail
3) Fish tacos post-kayaking


~lady j said...

1) Make You Feel My Love- Adele
2) Almost Famous & Ocean's 11
3) I love so many foods... to this day, my best meal has been a 5 course chef's tasting at a heavenly STL restaurant called Niche. But, what do I always crave/come back to?
Steak w/ mashed potatoes. And chocolate Cake. And burgers. You can't beat a good cheeseburger.