Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost My Mind

Okay, so tonight's episode of "Lost" is probably the best one of the season so far. Definitely my favorite of these first six episodes. Just...dang.

I don't want to ruin this for those who haven't seen it yet (ie my sister), BUT I must mention that when a certain person was revealed? Cooking eggs? I screamed and jumped up on my couch and had to pause the show to recover a little bit before I could even think about continuing to watch. (Luckily my brother was watching with me and was able to push play for me, amidst much eye-rolling at my theatrics I am sure.)

Anyway. I've been waiting for a while to have my mind blown by a returning character, and tonight's was so unexpected, random, and AWESOME that I now have a hole in the back of my head. From the mind-blown-ness.

Not to build anything up for you or anything....

The ending? Super creepy. I'll never listen to that song the same again. GAH!

For some unknown reason I ended all the craziness of the episode holding both my television remotes to the sides of my face.

Head over to http://darkufo.blogspot.com/ for a ton of really well-written Lost recaps. A writer called Vozzek is by far the best-- he always catches things I've missed, and made connections I never would have come up with in a quirrillion years. Don't miss it. No pun intended....

In conclusion... What?

(Zero "Lost" spoilers involved in this video, by the way!)


Ginger said...

Um. How will I ever wait until Thursday?

~lady j said...

whatever. you totally still have a crush on him and his nice suit and culinary abilities. ;)

and i love Vozzek's recaps too! Just finished reading this weeks... I'm so ready for this to be over!!!

Stevox said...


Prosso said...

Bwahahaha. I lost it at Korean what.